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Sunny International Holdings Co., Ltd, is a company incorporated in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialized in importing, exporting and trading of products at competitive price.

Our commitment to our customer is that we will handle all order inquiries on a priority basis both within the country and internationally. We have the reputation of dealing openly and honestly with our customers.

Why business with Sunny International Holdings Co., Ltd?

  •  Efficient
  •  Affordable
  •  Reliable
  •  Flexible

Competitive pricing 

In order to create more value for our clients, we are always looking for ways to keep our own costs down. Here are just two of the ways in which we do that: 

  •  We have developed long-term partnerships with several manufacturers and suppliers undertaking effective but no-frills supply management services at affordable prices. 
  •  We have business partners across the globe to implement direct supply and product control, which helps us, be extremely cost effective. 

As a result of our efficient procedures and strong network partners, we are able to offer you quality wholesale products and services at very competitive prices.

Our Mission 

  •  We strive to offer products in conformity with buyers' choice and specifications.
  •  Being a consistently reliable importer, exporter and trader
  •  Keeping prices low by having an efficient supply chain

Our Vision

  •  Discovering and widely distributing the best products at low prices
  •  Being a visionary leader in the trading industry by providing a complete package of valuable services to anyone interested in growing their business worldwide.

Our Values

  •  Honesty and integrity
  •  Personal care and attention
  •  Superior customer service
  •  Never giving up on progress
  •  Recognizing our customers as the most important part of our business

Competitive Price

We promise our clients will always get good quality products for the best possible price. How can our prices be lower than our competitors? Our sourcing abilities, integrated supply chain with forwarders and suppliers, business purchasing credibility and low profit margin means we can pass on the savings to our customers – benefiting both buyers and suppliers.

Reliable Supply 

Our customers can be assured of a supply of products on demand, thanks to our warehousing and transport capabilities, our established network of partners and the long-lasting relationships we have developed with our suppliers.

Finest Quality 

Quality and reputation are of utmost importance in any industry and we apply strict standards when choosing manufactures and suppliers. We source our products from the manufactures that are best suited for producing that particular product.

Customized Services 

We aim to really understand what your business needs and offer flexible, customized services to help your business grow. We provide excellent customer care to all our customers and suppliers.